Waitlist question [3138]

I got on a wait list and this is what happend.
When filling out the request there is a box that says budget. So i put 1000.00 because that is my budget. I fill out the other necessary information and press create. Heres a snapshot

Then I immediately get a message in my inbox that says that i want to buy the snake for 1000.00. :point_down:

Hear me out…What if he has the snake i want and he was about to post it for 500. I just offered him 1k. :man_facepalming:

P.s. I hope 1k is not a lowball offer. Ive never seen a single gene peach forsale. I hope i dont get the yellow screen of death


I don’t know if that is how it is supposed to work…

I am going to tag Thomas and see if he had some insight about this. @eaglereptiles


Hmm, maybe it should say “has offered up to $1,000” … but I’m not sure. That seems a bit flippant.

The best route might be to do your lower end price through the Waitlist, and then follow up in that message that you have a budget of up to $1,000.

Maybe a Min - Max Budget would be better?

… What do you think would work better?


I would like to request, both as a seller and a buyer, that the budget field be optional (or removed). If you want to set up an auction style thing take a different route please.


I kind of agree with @themorphranch and maybe make the budget field optional or removed.

You could have it only show the max budget if the seller has accepted your waitlist request :woman_shrugging:
or buyer has max budget of $xxxx.


I feel like something like ebay’s auto bidding is a better option?

You have a max price of 1000. If 2 breeders put up snakes at different prices, say 500 and 700, it would ping and just say they offered that price.

Or just a ping that the user is looking to purchase and then they can discuss the cost. But may be more frustrating this way because of window shoppers who don’t know the market values.

I know most breeders are reputable, but I’m sure there would be a few that would consider changing the pricing, or possibly attempting to artificially inflate the price of a gene/combo if they can have records of higher sale prices through offers


I can do that! Make a lower offer then send them a message myself following the automated message afterwards stating that i have more money. But ive been doing that kinda stuff for years, letting breeders know im interested in a future baby. This new feature just gives me a place to check boxes and actually takes a little longer than just sending the breeder a message. Unless this gives a breeder a stronger feeling that the requester is actually going to buy what hes asking for. In that case i feel like some sort of money should be sent to solidify the deal. Even just a specific percentage. That way they have a better chance of following through. I dont know im just thinking out loud.
I know there are sellers out there that would sell you the snake for less than an offer price. Those are the cool ones lol. Then there are the ones that will take you up on that offer. Then there are sellers that will take your down-payment to mexico and never return. This is an exciting new feature id love to see where it goes.


I raised this with support as I think this is a bigger issue than perhaps they considered during development. I did an IG post about waitlists the other day, highlighting a pairing that I have verbally received several requests for waitlisting for. Its a pricey combo and the past few years prices have fluctuated a fair bit. Havent gotten any waitlist requests. Just so happens I am also looking for a specific animal and have a breeder I know that is working that gene. He hasn’t set up pairings on MM yet but one can waitlist anything. When I went to put in a waitlist request for an animal I know he is trying to make this year I balked at the budget field. I reached out to him to see what he might be asking for that animal if he produces it in sufficient quantity to have one available and he told me. His response was qualified based on genes, sex, etc and was really just spitballing. I ended up not doing the official waitlist thing because as a seller, I don’t price snakes until they are ready for sale and I expect that would be the case with most sellers. Budget needs to removed from waitlist IMO, poorly considered feature and shouldn’t be there at all.


There are definitely alot of variables at play when figuring a price point on a specific baby. Your right it probably just needs to be removed. But how do you show the breeder that you mean buisness


Going out on a limb here. What if there was a wallet feature that allowed us to save up for a snake. We can put money into it every payday like cashapp. We can send the breeder a certain amount that sits in the breeders account pending… the money will be locked in and when the request is filled those funds are available. Then the remaining balance is due.
I dont know how MorphMarket sits staff wise but this is gonna make someones job harder or require an accountant. Money aint no joke and is a headache… So this may not be the right time.


The problem with this is setting up ways to handle the money in the first place. I know there’s an artsite that does that for commissioned works. I honestly don’t know how they’re doing it…
But I would worry about anything where cash is changing hands like that. Most money services have a number of days where you can file for a chargeback. What happens if you go over that amount of days? There’s different fees for different countries and so on. Remember MM isn’t just a USA page…how would you handle currency exchanges that flux?


I didnt think like that. Great point. I went down a rabbit hole lol


While not its intention, I think the budget field is a good indicator of market value… if you get offered, say $15,000, $20,000 and $25,000 for the first Super Wrecking Ball Clown… then you can roughly gauge the best area to price it… and also dissuaded people from just inquiring about an animal, and pushes them to talk with their purse.

But that’s not the intended use. I will throw your votes in there.

Would that be artificial though? If they are making them offers from another account then maybe… but we would catch that. But if those offers are legit, is that not the market value?.. maybe that’s for another convo though.

Of course, you could always have arranged this through messages, however, there was no way to search for those unborn animals without reaching out to each seller to find out their pairings for the season… we just cut out that step and gave you a catalogue of everyone’s plans… think how long it would take to message each breeder…?

That’s a different ball game that we are yet to enter (handling customers’ money). But what happens if the animal is not produced or a clutch crashes? I guess you get your deposit back… :thinking:
This is definitely one for another thread.

I guess that can only be truly done with a deposit, that is held by MM (then a seller cannot vanish with hundreds of buyers’ deposits)… or that’s all I can think of right now.

That sounds like a bank… :sweat_smile:
We may need a LOT more staff, or our own bitcoin… :open_mouth:

That is a really out of the box thought!!
I don’t have any response, but you guys are really invested in this and I like it!!


The intent of this feature is to help the seller not waste their time on people who are way out of the ballpark.

We will consider all of the feedback given, but we will immediately change the verbiage on the message sent to “up to $x” which is the spirit of it. To the seller, they also see this on their waitlist page as “budget”. It’s not an offer. It’s not a commitment to actually spend that much money.


I mean by pulling the same scams to get positive feedback. You set up multiple people to make offers and accept them at higher prices than average. The money probably never exchanges hands cause they’re just loaners buddies at most, but then it makes the animals seem more expensive to an onlooker who isn’t in on it.
It definitely wouldn’t be as common an issue, but something I could imagine someone at least attempting at some point.

I love the idea of a wait-list pinging you when the animal in your price range is posted… It’s just the posting your budget limit for everyone that leaves a bad taste for me I suppose.

I also wonder if it would lead to people being refunded on animals that are on hold because a better wait-list offer had just come in…


So this isnt a waitlist, its an arbitrary gauge of seriousness from a potential buyer. Got it. As a small seller but a big buyer I can tell you that you are missing the mark with this one. I guess you guys are serving your revenue base (big breeders) so in that context I expect this feature hits the mark for what they want. Lets just not pretend this has any benefit for buyers other than to spook them into making absurd offers and then annoying sellers when they relent based on market price 6 months later when the animal is actually ready for sale.


Note that this is a brand new feature that will evolve continuously with feedback, as John has already proven in his comment.

I’m unsure of how this is not a waitlist. You see the pairing, you choose the offspring, you add your name to the list, and the seller contacts you if the animal is produced from that pairing.

The budget field is something we thought was a good addition to the feature and had nothing to do with any “big breeders”. There are far more small breeders than there are big ones.

We can’t get everything right on the first try, but that’s why we love feedback threads like this. Bar a handful, the majority of the regulars on here are the everyday breeders.


How about the option for sellers to disable waitlisting on their store?


Just curious on this comment… I’ve heard of a blue screen of death, but what’s the yellow variant?