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Apologies if this has already been suggested - but I’d like to suggest a ‘Wanted’ section of the site that is open for breeders to see what potential customers are interested in.

For example, every few days I find myself searching for specific animals, hoping to find one that suits what I am looking for. I’d love the ability to make a list of the animals I am looking to purchase, and have some way for breeders to have access to reach out to me if they had that animal. Would be awesome if we could also include the country we are in, and/or any other specifics.

Hope this makes sense! Thanks for looking.


It makes sense…but I’m guessing the biggest drawback is going to be putting that much more on breeders to not only have to post pictures, descriptions, follow up with every email inquiry even though many aren’t serious buyers, then on top of that add a feature that would require them to be the ones reaching out not just responding…I doubt many especially the ones with a large number of animals would be too keen on the idea…and I can’t say I blame them although yes it would make it more convenient for potential buyers.
(Best run on sentence ever) :sunglasses:


I completely get what you mean but it’s the customers that come to the sellers. Not vice versa but I get that it can be hard to find specific animals


I get what you guys are saying, definitely! I can see how it could make buyers more (for a lack of a better word) lazy in their searches, and add more work for sellers. That was not something I had considered. However, as both a seller and buyer on MorphMarket I would definitely take advantage of this feature if it were ever added.

But, I agree, the overall opinion would likely be that it is too much effort for what it is! Thanks for the input, much appreciated! :slight_smile:


Maybe a daily email service that sends a link with all new animals that got listed that fit the descriptions of those you are looking for? I think most breeders aren’t going to have the bandwidth to search these lists for most animals they’ve already posted and then cold-call low interest buyers.

If you’re hoping that it will encourage breeders to sell certain animals, maybe make the lists public and searchable as well, if even only as an aggregate to convince them there is demand for something?


I really like the email idea, a lot! My suggestion was geared more towards serious buyers who do not want to miss an opportunity on a specific animal. I’ve seen animals sold within hours of being posted, some I wish I saw earlier and was just too late. Your email idea would work much better in this instance!


If there was a wanted section, I would use it, as both a buyer and a seller.


What if you could subscribe to certain sellers so when they post something u get notified?


That would be a great idea.


I like that too!


I’ll elaborate a little further as well since you and @westridge like the suggestion. So let’s say you have a regular subscription system and you subscribe to sellers who work with whatever genes you are interested in. That way you have a good chance at finding what you want by subscribing to sellers who work with what you are interested in.


Great suggestion. In the mean time, you can add a seller’s page directly to your home screen on your phone/laptop/computer and regularly check it. I have a folder of sellers in Manchester that I check quite often.

I’m sure there will be sort of if-this-then-that plugin available to send you notifications when a seller’s page is updated, it would just be a matter of working it into the site… Whether that’s easy or not I’m completely unsure.


Search interface:


The parameters are pretty straightforward. I used “Lavender Albino” above. Change layout to grid if you want pictures. I use list to avoid unnecessary media.

Bookmark it like eaglereptiles suggests :slight_smile:


@eaglereptiles That’s a good workaround I have basically been doing that. I want to start getting clowns by the middle/end of this year and I have about 4 guys I like so I have their pages saved to keep up.


If anyone is unsure about how to do this:

Add a Store to Home screen in Chrome

Open up Chrome and find the store you wish to save on Morphmarket, then press the 3 dots in the top right corner.

Then find where it says “Add to home screen”

Then you will see a pop-up asking you to rename the “App”.

Once you have clicked ‘Add’ you will find the “app” on your home screen.

Best tag @martin_ender to make sure he doesn’t mind being used in a example :grin:.

I’m not sure about other browsers but I don’t see the process being much different.


The way we would address this is not with a Want To Buy section but with a highly requested feature we call Alerts.

The way it’d work is kind of like saving a search, which will then email you when it finds new stuff.

It’s on the long list. :slight_smile:


That’s awesome! Can’t wait to utilize it when it goes live. Thanks for your time! :slight_smile:

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Sorry to bump this back up, but how do you think a wanted category/topic would go @john?

Say for a example, a user that is looking for a Clown het Piebald can comment nothing more than what they are after, and replies can come in no form other than a store link.

Here is sort of what I mean…

Wanted Topic

Top level comment -
“0.1 Clown het Piebald - Adult”

“I will have one that will be available on / …store link”

Reply 2 - “I have one I haven’t listed yet… Store link”

If it is kept to a minimal I can see it being used a lot by community members.
No advertising, no spamming, no conversations.


Eagle, sorry I think I was unclear. This would be a feature on MorphMarket. It would allow users to save searches, and a screen that showed all those searches and whether they wanted email alerts as well.

So it wouldn’t publish wanted stuff, it would just alert them when that stuff became available.


Reading back on it, you made yourself clear and I misunderstood it.

I look forward to seeing it in action :love_you_gesture: