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Hi Everyone

Iv owned reptiles for a few years now from snakes to geckos and iv finally found what fits me . Geckos :heart_eyes: i love them all that much that me and my partner and our 2 girls 7 and 1 have opened up our home to rescue all types of geckos . We have our own collection which we have bought and plan to breed this year . Then we have our adorable 2 chancers some have been surrendered as there owners couldnt look after them for many reasons , one of our rescues was found in a womans garden i had the shock of my life when i went to pick her up you dont expect to see a golden gecko in someones garden . All our babies mean the world to me and have helped me through alot over the years and helps my oldest daughter with autisum . She will be helping me with my breeding pair of cresties and breeding pair of gargoyles this year . Bin our 1st ever breeding season im not expecting alot any healthy babies is a pleasure . If anyone would like to give my daughter a hello id appreciate it as shes super excited to be taking this adventure and is purting alot of time into learning all she can as she is so far behind in school due to covid and her difficulties learning due to autisum she will be doing a power point with the help of me and her step dad to show all the teachers and kids who dont believe in her that even though shes different she can do anything .

The photo above is a few of our collection and a few of our rescues all added in . Glad to be joining the community


Welcome to the community!! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @kandaexotics

Welcome to our community! I know that you will fit in and become part of our family. Welcome again.


Welcome to the community and thanks for sharing the collage of your reptiles. Glad to see that it’s a family thing! Passing the passion on to younger generations is key!

Erik Veach


Were reptile mad all of us and im trying to bring the kids up to respect and cherish animals and its worked with my eldest


That’s awesome! Unfortunately my teenage son has zero interest in reptiles at all!


Welcome! You have a lovely lot there. I hope you enjoy it here with us all! :heart:

And I Love the fact you’re raising your children with them :blush:
My 6 1/2 year old is mad on animals of all kinds, we got an Ackie yesterday and, woman said would you like me to get him out so she said yes and was holding him and stroking him there, And as soon as we got him she had him again.
She helps out with the feeding, she handles them all and all. Loves when we hatch more babies here too!
She still wants to feed the Royals though, I’ve not yet let her :sweat_smile:

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We’d love to see the PP too! Unless it’s too personal, of course.

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The white gecko in the middle is stunning! What morph is he/she?

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That is awesome to hear! My mom let me be near reptiles and other animals in educational shows. She is still largely afraid and nervous around snakes but has come around with Kai. She even checks his humidity :joy:. Though she has never held him, 5 1/2 feet and 4 1/2 pounds is a bit much. Being as young as I am, I definitely think I am hooked on this hobby, especially because of Willow.


One of my male boas is 8 foot and 17 pounds :sweat_smile:. Definitedly a handful.


Welcome to you and your family! Glad to have you here.

Love the collage of all different types of animals and love to hear rescues have somewhere to go :+1:

Your daughter sounds like she really is interested in reptiles, that’s really great. I hope she enjoys her presentation :relaxed: if there is anything we can do to help, were here.

I love all animals and I hope my kids do too. My eldest is interested and occasionally helps out but doesn’t like the bugs lol he enjoys feeding the snakes 🤷

My youngest wants to be interested but he can’t sit still or stay quiet most of the time so his limited with reptiles but he does like to hold the geckos on occasion (were waiting for him to be assessed for autism) he usually sits next to me with toys lol which is huge improvement. I think pets are great for kids, especially those with higher stress levels

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Shes is a gargoyle gecko and a rectic i will be breeding her to my male red blotch in 2022

Aww bless my daughter loves snakes as much as me but due to the squirrels and chinchillas right now we cannot have a snake it wouldnt be fair on the stress levels of the chins or squirrels it could kill them maybe in the future

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No ofc not shes mainly dojng a meet and greet of everyone and giving abit of detail on there background and how each of them is cared for photos of her handling and her breeding plan shes has decided who gets paired with who so well have some right concoptions but we could also get some show stoppers . Were rolling with her the babies will end up on here for sale too were hoping she is ok to do hand overs if people colllect but if not she will be the one helping package the babies up and the thankyou posters will be designed by her with our help too

Never too young i grew up with dogs in the house and horses as i used to ride before being a mum but unfortunetly after an accident its not advised now i always had a soft spot for reptiles now we collect our own and we rescue since this post a few more have come through the door keep going . As a mum and someone who loves animals keep going keep growing keep developing and never give up no matter what the hurdle im still learning and anything i learn i pass on to my kids hopefully through us helping the younger generation understand and appreciate we can help radicate animal cruelty

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Welcome home !

Your babies are gorgeous :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: