Warning people about a breeder?

Am I allowed to post and warn people of someone? Can I give a name out so if people come across him on sites they can stay clear? I won’t post their number. Just a name so if they see any Leo’s or fat tails from him they won’t buy them? Don’t want to post anything if it’s against the rules. But unsure how to get it out there more as he is an awful breeder/seller.

I’m in the UK also, so it’s to warn uk people.

Not on here, but you can reach out to MorphMarket staff to get an issue resolved privately, as well as leave a review for the seller on their store


Thankyou. Don’t think they’re on morphmarket, it’s “removed” etc online they’re on.
Where I brought my girl from. More just wanted to put a name out there so people know to stay away from him.
But completely understand if i can’t. Thankyou though.

Why would you ask if it’s ok, get told no, then do it anyway? Just asking

I think this post would be better suited for the FBI/BOI groups on Facebook. There is one that’s more geared towards EU/UK folks

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Excuse me?
I didn’t post a name or anything so what are you on about?

don’t have it but I’m on a groups on WhatsApp and turns out people have had the same problem so atleast they know.

Ok the original question has been answered. No need for an argument over it.

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No argument here just unsure what they’re on about I didn’t put a name. I put the place they were selling which I didn’t know I couldn’t say anyway. But it’s all good and this can be removed now as already got it out there :slightly_smiling_face: