Warning! Poop picture! Hard black grains

So… theres not an easy way to break into poop pictures. As many know, ive been slowly fighting my battle against a snake mite infestation. Ive been making some good progress, however, one of my girls just had the weirdest poop. She was on cyress mulch, so i dont believe it is any type of impaction of substrate, but it almost looks as if her poop is full of mites. Does anyone else have an idea of what this might be?

Picture of snake so there isnt just poop to look at xD


Have you double checked all your temps? Seems like you maybe having digestion issues with your snakes.


This snake has been in my ARS caging its whole life, so its temps have been consistantly 83-85 in the day, then at night it is 78-80. She tends to stay towards the back where the heat panels apply the most heat, but occasionaly moves towards the front of the rack to cool down and look out at the room and see whats going on. She is the only snake so far that has put out poop like this. All the rest are normal. Didnt think these black bead looking things would be to related but i agree when theres an unknown, check all factors. She is currently on reptizorb because of the mites, so perhaps humidity is the issue for her?

Is there a heat gradient? Can she choose a hot or cold side?


Yes, the heat panels for the rack systwm are to the far back, the front provides the cool side as there are no heat panels. Just made a bit of a modification to hopefully give a better gradient. Before i had to put the thermostat into a slot at the top, but the slots were more toward the front and at the top. I just drilled a hole into the side of the back area, so that it is more acurately measuring the hot side, im guessing that set temp was a bit off the way i had it.

Ive also moved her into one of the bioactive tubs now that ive had some time to kill most of the mites on her, the humidity will be far better in there, so if it was dehydration, she should be good.

Can you take it to a vet or hobbyist with a microscope? I think it should be easy to tell whether or not it’s mites under a microscope.

Fair, i can see if the springtails havent devoured it completely yet. The snake is acting fine, so i dont think its anything critical, but doesnt hurt to check!

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