Was this gecko labeled right?

Hello, I’ve bought this gecko as “Mack eclipse het Diablo Blanco”

The seller told me the mom (in the following picture) was a “Mack hypo tangerine het eclipse”

While the father (in the picture) was a Diablo Blanco

So, is this gecko labeled right? Would it be a pet only or it could be taken in consideration in breeding?


I would say to trust the breeder as far as the genetics labeled. Otherwise we’re all questioning everything all the time. Lol

Now that that has been said… from the photo you posted, I don’t see eclipse in the visible eye. Can you post clear photos of both eyes?
Also, did you mean to say Mack SNOW het eclipse het albino and het blizzard? Because if mom is not carrying the eclipse gene, then there is no way to have that visible eclipse eye.

As for everything in general… it’s a gecko that can’t really be verified with this pairing and gene combo. On the outside it’s a nice gecko. But closer to a normal.

-There’s not a way to verify that your gecko is het for blizzard and albino outside of breeding. Sometimes you can see signs of het eclipse.

-Mack snow is typically easier to see in hatchlings as they hatch out almost black and white. Pairing them with a hypo tang can also make them gain more yellow over time in a single gene.

-mack super snow will naturally have a solid color eye. They can ALSO be eclipse…but that is a separate recessive gene

-Hypo tang is polygenic and not a guaranteed thing to pass on just something you wanna breed the better ones together and hope for better offspring.

Personally though, I wouldn’t breed that particular gecko and just keep them as a pet.
They look too yellow and ideally for a single gene snow I like them to be on the pale side. They also have too many spots for me to want to consider for a hypo project.
You can still get a diablo Blanco if the genetics are right. But you would ideally need a strong genetic partner and Leo market is already so oversaturated…


Hello @soulgr0ove and welcome to the forum! That’s a sweet looking little Leo you’ve got there! :blush:

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Hello and thanks for the reply!
I was not questioning what the seller told me about the parents, but more the naming of my gecko.
In fact as you say it doesn’t have eclipse eyes, both are normal so it should be het eclipse. And het blizzard because of the Diablo Blanco father (I don’t think I have seen something as het Diablo Blanco listed).

As far as the “Mack” in the name it was just mack on the label but I think “snow” was implied… I bought it when it was young and it had some white stripe/areas as you can see.

That said I think I will stick to my initial idea to not consider this animal in eventual future breeding, and keep him as a pet cause my damn girlfriend wanted it so bad :joy:


I don’t know anything about geckos but those are SICK! :fire:


Hahah, okay that younger photo does look like a snow! Just picked up a lot of tang from mom.

Sometimes you just see a gecko and know “that’s the one!” Hahah. That’s how I ended up with one of my pet albino gals. =)