Was wondering if I had a male or female BP?

Bought a ball python yesterday (yes it’s from PetSmart) only because I have been wanting one for such a long time and got $30 off of the original price so I had to pull the trigger and get it before someone else did and was the closest/quickest option for me, but not sure of the sex. I honestly think it’s a female but not totally sure. Could anyone here help me out? Would appreciate it a lot.


It will have to be sexed by someone experienced at probing or popping ball pythons. Most reptile shops will do it for free or a few dollars.


Just wanted to clarify that I think you’re under the impression that ball pythons can be sexed visually by tail length. This can be an (more or less) accurate way to sex some species of colubrids, but this does not apply to ball pythons. The animal will need to be popped or probed by a professional, as the only way to know the sex of a ball python is via inspection of the internal reproductive organs.


Adding on to inspirationexotics as well…
The presence of the ‘spurs’ at the cloaca doesn’t mean anything in ball pythons either as both sexes will have those as well.


Thanks for the replies everyone. Appreciate all of the help. I’ll take it in to my local breeder and see if he can pop or probe.