😳 wash your hands and test your pets people

Carpet pythons are suspected to have passed around this parasite. It has successfully passed to a human in Australia. How chilling…


Yes, but the woman in question does not own a carpet python. She lives in Australia and picked up the parasite from foraged veggies in an area where carpets live.

If anything it’s more of a warning to wash your hands and wash/thoroughly cook what you eat.

Since most carpet Pythons in captivity outside of Australia have been CB for years… it’s not a huge concern. But still not bad husbandry to do regardless. Reptiles can still carry things like salmonella and pinworm easily enough.
Hopefully no one is feeding their animals WC food though as that opens up a whole new can of worms so to speak…


Parasitic worms in the brain aren’t exactly new. The most common one to be found is the pork tapeworm. Ascarids (roundworms) are known in larval stages to travel to various parts of the body including the brain. None of this is really chilling if you know how most parasites work, nor does it require anyone to be any more vigilant than they already are.


I read this today too! Pretty nasty stuff! Like @armiyana pointed out though it is a food born parasitic infection, she swallowed eggs of this worm on her wild foraged leafy greens. I am going to tell you, I have never seen anything except salmonella-and that is almost entirely from aquatic turtles that swim in water where they poop and then a child kisses or touches his mouth with it. This is also pretty rare. Reptiles are one of the safest companion animals in terms of transmitting any parasite or disease to humans. Thankfully for us reptile lovers🤣


It’s the cats and dogs that’ll really get you, and people let them lick them on the mouth! :nauseated_face:


I know right!:rofl::rofl: hahaha people are so crazy! Wait…. I just gave my pup a night night kiss! Oh well that’s what they make toothpaste for​:rofl:


I love my furkids, but good grief are they germy, wormy little things, depending on how you keep 'em! I’ve most definitely gotten kisses from my doggo and immediately gone to wash my whole face. :joy: :upside_down_face:


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First, they’re parasites, not a bacteria or virus
Second dogs in the US can transmit roundworms to people. Cats transmit roundworms, Chlamydia tapeworms and toxoplasmosis to people. Neither of these are issues.
Heck, I’ve had Psittachosis from working with birds. No one cares enough to do anything about it. It’s not a major health concern for the public en mass.

It’s not a major issue like Covid or Swine/Bird Flu that can transfer easily to person to person once it jumps that first barrier.


I totally agree with you @armiyana! :heart::blush:


Oops I am so sorry guys I was waaaaaaay out of line! I TOTALLY was not thinking and I apologize from the bottom of my heart! I love all of you guys so please no hard feelings! I need to think before I post!

No replies of course I just wanted everyone to know I am sorry. So we will let it alone…….


Actually can’t salmonella come from contaminated lettuce in grocery stores? As well as contaminated hamburger meat and probably from a whole host of other sources? I too have furr babies that give me kisses occasionally as well! Lol’. Plus I in the past I preferred my steaks rare to medium rare! But NO MORE of that!

I had severe dysentery when I came back from out of the country years ago and my doctor was excited because she thought she was going to find a parasite or something in me! But she didn’t! But I was pretty sick for awhile. I have also had food poisoning as well.

I have kept snakes for years but never to my knowledge have I ever gotten sick from handling them or cleaning their enclosures either………

I am just too mean and old for anything to really get me down I suppose!!! :joy::rofl::joy::face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: