Water bowls for racks?

Getting the feeling that the bowls I usually use the my reptiles in tanks aren’t working too well for my rack. I am having a lot of spilled water and too wet enclosures. I am also concerned about using deep water dishes with baby hognose snakes. Got any suggestions?

What I am using for the most part. The black ones are working for my big girls but they seem really deep.

Honestly I just use the ceramic ones that they sell in the small pet section of Petsmart/Petco, and any dog/cat ones if I need something bigger. They’re heavy, so they’re not as easy to tip over, and they’re simple to clean. You can also usually find them pretty cheap at second hand shops. I like to have extras on hand, so I grab a couple whenever we’re out and about and happen to find some good ones.

For little little babies, I like the Full Cheeks brand Small Pet Plastic Bowl from Petsmart (though Petco sells a similar size as well), since you can fit those little plastic sauce cups in them.