Water snake enclosure

So it’s official!!!, I’m getting a baby-banded water snake next week and I made sure it was captive bred. It’s pretty small but when older it’s gonna be 4 feet max so it’s an eh sized snake, I need some enclosure ideas tho. Im thinking i can do something like this with a 20 gal

Since they have the same diet and somewhat the same habitat. What do you guys think?


I’m so excited for you! Keep us updated, show pictures when you get them! :relaxed:

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Thank you! i will be sure to post him/her

Thats awesome! I knowing absolutely nothing about water snake care but I’m excited to see what you do!


Congratulations! A few tips from things I’ve learned from my previous research:

  • Be prepared for them to musk a lot until comfortable with handling.
  • All food should be healthy (the health of the food is the health of the snake, especially with fish and amphibian feeders) captive bred and specific (not from a chain pet store).
  • Fish should be thiamine free (and from a responsible breeder, not from crowded tanks, this is important).
  • Amphibians should be captive bred from a responsible breeder (they can harbor bacteria and can cause problems).
  • These aren’t the best beginner snakes so be attentive to their health and care, do not slack on their feeders, I repeat this a lot, feeding fish and amphibians is tricky.


I have the bad news, The water snake was ordered off the internet so i had a little concern that this would happen, As i unbox the snake i find out its dead and has a horrible smeel. i do not know the causing but im pretty sure it had bad handling.

The smell was probably from musking mainly. It shouldn’t have been dead long enough for it to rot much unless it wasn’t shipped properly. If it is DOA then definitely get a refund. Did you get it from a breeder on MM?