Water spots removal

Hello I have a pvc enclosure and wanted to know whats the best & safest way to removed some water spots build up thanks. I have a 4x2 Focus cube habitat enclosure


Do you mean on the glass or acrylic front windows, or on the pvc itself?

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Its on the lower side walls and back walls and I only use water from the store, I Do Not Use Faucet water in her enclosure wen iā€™m spraying in it

Can try two parts distilled water to 1 part white vinegar. Safe to use around reptiles. If needed you can for 1:1 on the water to vinegar mix for stronger mix, just the smell will also be a bit stronger.

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Some dawn and water always works for me :wink:. I tend to do a complete tank reset every 1-2 months, just because. Deep cleaning is the best way to get rid of them.

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Thanks I have both on hand, and I also always have Dawn Soap.