Watermarks/logos on photos

Hello how do you or what do you use to watermark your photos?

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On my computer I use paint dot net, on my phone I use iWatermark. I try to make sure that the mark is covering part of the animal so people can’t try to reuse my pictures.

I use Photoshop.!

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thanks I will give those a try.

thanks! Beautiful snake by the way.


I use something free and easy to use that can do batch pictures it’s called faststone image viewer https://www.faststone.org/ , you can find all the info here Watermarking 101

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I used to use GIMP and do a transparent BMPmap under layer that was mostly invisible but could be made obvious with a small tweak… Got to be too much of a pain in the ass though so I fell out of the habit

If I need to watermark anything, and most of the time I dont. I use Adobe Lightroom. I have it setup to apply watermark on export. Takes a few minutes to setup. But once its setup you can edit your images, then do a batch export with the watermark the exact same on all exported images.

Honestly I don’t really use watermarks all that often… If someone wants to take your image, they are going to. With the software out there now, it’s not very hard to remove someone’s watermark. The content aware fill in Photoshop is pretty amazing.

I use PicsArt on my phone.

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I found a website about watermarks! but I’ve heard people using photoshop and other sources!