We all had to start somewhere

I was really happy to put this together, its a start atleast. Time to fill them up


Oh very nice! I like that a lot.

That’s great, It only grows from there. Have fun!

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I mean I’m starting with one male boa who has a developed spinal kink, ha ha!! Maybe one day I will acquire a female to raise her up and then maybe a few years down the line acquire a male in a few years down the line, or enjoy two more big beautiful pets because BI’s are my favorite species to work with as of now.


Sounds like you have had a hard start… Dont give up lumpy.

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Yeah I guess so, Kai is my first ever snake, and actually first reptile. My mom is fearful of reptiles, especially snakes. So from the time of asking for a pet snake since I’ve been around six years old to when I got him when I was 16. So that is a long time to ask. I have always had a passion for snakes and reptiles. Eventually when I’m older thinking about gaining more and more knowledge about BI’s and maybe acquiring a pair because of Kai’s spinal kink. But that is probably a long way off anyway.

Nice rack! My first ARS was a 7030 and I only purchased a partial rack like you did. If you cut a piece of plywood or OSB you can turn the top of that rack into a functional table and workspace.

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That is a really good idea! Thanks snowgyre.

Awesome! I’m with ya best of luck


Did you just order 2 single sections and a base? I didn’t know you could do that! Looks good

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Where did you get this rack?

That is a standard steel ARS 7030 and 1075 rack with a transitional level.

$125 for the transitional level, $200 per 1075 level (x3), $250 per 7030 level (x2) = $1225 retail cost before shipping




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Those are great racks! I wish I would have started that way in the beginning. Cant wait to see what you put in it!