Weigh In Wednesday?

Hi everyone!
I weighed my little guy for the first time and was astounded by the results! When I got him he was 127 Grams and within three weeks he is now 154 grams.
I did my researcher and, from what I found, young ball pythons should be growing 200 grams every 4-5 months? It seemed like a lot at first but then it made sense that casper is as big as he is. His hatch day is July 5th. He will be 4 months old this month and he is having his first shed that he has had with us as we speak! I am so proud and excited!
If I read wrong and you have a different growing chart you go by, by all means comment down below! Also, post a picture of your heaviest weighted animal or maybe post a picture of an animal that your really excited for its progress! I love to see how everyone is doing and also love to share how casper is doing. Thanks so much. :slight_smile:

They all grow at different rate depends on a few things such as feeding frequency, prey size, skip meals, fast but also genetics, some animals are prediposed to get bigger than others .

I always tell people to focus less on the number and more on overall body shape and making sure that the animal is fed apropriately


He eats like a champ i have never had a problem. Thanks though i will definitely keep that in mind!

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