Weights age?

I’ve never weighed my boys before just wondering if they good weight for there age ,Floyd was hatched August 180g and ace September 162g ? Just curious there healthy and both feeding every 4-5 days on a f/t small mouse.

They seem healthy but are small compared to some animals that are the same age as one of yours. Mine were both born in August. I recommend feeding rats instead of mice as well. I have a Male leopard clown that’s 290 grams his sister who is a normal clown and 303 grams.

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Pay less attention to weight and more to body proportion, weight can vary greatly from single to double and a lot comes into play

Weight when they hatch the average while being 55/75 grams does not mean they all weigh that, 40 grams or even 90 grams are not uncommon and obviously those animal would not get started the same way either.

Pre size.

Feeding frequency.

How fast they get started, some will eat the next day after their first shed some may take up to 6 weeks

Skip meals, fast.

Genetics some are predisposed to be bigger.

So don’t try to compare the size of your snake with others just make sure you are feeding it appropriately and make sure it has good proportions.

Finally at his size he can take adult mice without problems.


Thanks for the advice , they look really healthy and haven’t missed a feed just wanted to weight them and see what they were , you think they could eat adult mice mice? It’s all new to me so upping the size is one things I need learn they eat a small mouse every 4 days

I’d switch them to rat pups or whatever size they are eating because what you dont want is for them to be mousers. If they only eat rats then it’ll be really hard to get them to breeding weight. But overall they seem good!

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Yeah up the prey size. They can eat pretty decent sized meals at this point. Don’t look at the head, look at the widest part of body of the snake.

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Cheers guys ordered some rat fluffs should be here at the weekend ,got couple mice left I’ll feed them tonight .

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You wont regret buying the rats! It’ll make a world of a difference, believe me. If they get stuck on mice its a pain to get then to grow past a certain point

Visual rule of thumb is good looking at something 1-1.25 x the width of the middle of a BP. If you’re like me and a numbers guy I have found good success shooting for offering meals between 12%-15% of my snakes weight (sometimes 2 smaller prey that add up to that amount if that’s what I have.)

So for your boys if they were mine and I weighed them in at your numbers at the beginning of a month I’d try and feed a 20-24g rat for your little guy and 21-27g for the other weekly.

My rodent provider has the range for their rat pups at 20g-30g so all month I’d be thawing 2 pups and offering the larger to your larger snake.

I do feed weekly though since I just have females. if you’re doing every 4 days or so a fuzzy for each seems like it should be fine.

And you don’t have to be that precise…I just have that need lol. It’s a curse.

Cheers for the feedback ,there taking 2 small mice each a week but I’ll start them on the rat fluffs at the weekend as there a bit bigger than the mice ,I’ve got 2 small mice I’ll feed them tonight