Weird ball python poop

My juvenile 400gram lavender het pied male has done this twice now. Once a couple months ago and then sometime in the past few days. It appears to be poop. It’s in the shape of poop and consists of several small pieces clumped together to make the poop. The difference is that it looks like and is the consistency of raw chicken. The snake seems fine and even seems to be hungry but I’ve never seen anything like this. Any ideas?

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It appears that the prey item wasn’t fully digested, or something in the digestive system isn’t working right. I would definitely wait for other opinions but possibly take him to a reptile vet.


I’ve seen thousands of snake poos but never one like that. I would suggest a vet visit.


I agree. I have never seen that even in wild caught stress musk/poops or fish/frog eating species. A question, does it smell like raw meat as well or unusual? Since he is already over 400g and only done this twice, it may be some kind of parasitic infection not allowing proper digestion? That would be my best guess, recommend a stool work up.


I agree with everyone- time for a vet visit. I’m concerned about potentially sloughing of the GI tract or improper digestion. I’m pretty sure those things can be signs of some communicable diseases, so start handling your BP with a quarantine protocol.

Double bag the fecal sample and refrigerate it until you can get it to your reptile vet. Do not freeze. It needs to be within next 12 hours at the absolute latest, preferably sooner. If you can’t get an appointment sooner, ask if you can bring the sample for the lab prior to your appointment.


What are the temps in the enclosure? That way we can rule out improper temps leading to digestive issues. I echo those above me though, a fecal test is likely in order.


To try and answer everyone within one reply:

It genuinely has no smell at all. I got uncomfortably close to it and couldn’t smell a thing.

He is currently housed in a ARS 1039 in the highest row on far right slot. His temps read consistently 88-90 any given time of the day within his tub. All of my snakes are in a temperature controlled building running ambient temp of 77ish. They also are all on coco chip bedding.

I had already switched him to quarantine after this incident and to paper substrate. I had also contacted the only ‘reptile’ vet even remotely close to this vicinity and he is going to see about sending a sample off.

Only asking in the event that someone has experienced something similar. It’s just baffling because the snake seems completely fine.



What are you feeding this animal? And at what frequency?


Is there any new info about this so far?

Looks that way to me too.
Has the snake been on strong antibiotics or Flagyl (Metronidazole)?
I am not an expert but I have seen what looks like pink undigested meat in snakes poop (not my snakes) when they have been given a too high dose of drugs that could eliminate or damage gut bacteria.
However, that’s just a suggestion, it could be a number of things. its best to give some of the information others have asked for so they can help and get the snake checked by a vet as others have suggested.

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I aggre with what has been said maybe try switching brands of rodents