Weird hard bluge after vent?

The new king snake has a odd bluge AFTER her cloaca on her tail. Its firm, she doesnt flinch or anything when i touch or gice it a gentle squeeze but it is definitely firm.

I have a call into my exotics vet, but id appreciate any thoughts from you all.

How certain are you that it’s a her?
I know sometimes males can have a little bulge there. But someone with more experience might know better as I am not sure what else could cause a bump there.

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THIS IS JUST A GUESS PLEASE DONT TAKE MY ADVISE AS THE TOTAL TRUTH but it may not be a she and he may have infected hemipenes just looking at the placement and the swelling as well, it could also be a mass of sorts since there’s no redness or puss. is this a new lump if not it may just be he has bigger hemipenes here’s a picture of a bull snake
with infected hemipenes from Chicago exotic animal hospital(from google)

Soooo the person i got her from said it was a she, and shes had two clutches. Nless they completely co fised their snakes :woman_shrugging:

oh well with if that is true then I would have to guess it is a mass of sorts but I would definitely get her to a vet asap

Life ran away with me, but i thought id update. Vet wasnt hugely concerned and thought it was just scent glands being a bit impacted. He said that it doesnt look bad at all.

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