Weird one I found

I was interested in this girl at a recent expo and may have made the mistake of asking too many questions and turning her into a holdback, but will hopefully see her this weekend or in a few more weeks at another local show the breeder said he would be at.

What do y’all think of this girl with the clean belly and much busier pattern than her clutch mate? These two were both labeled Pastel Leopard while all other siblings were Banana so I didn’t compare.

Parents are Banana Leopard x Pastel Leopard 66% het Clown

I had been eyeing her for my Leopard Spotnose boy due to her crazy pattern, but even the breeder was hesitating and questioning her when I inquired and started really looking at her.


You are right, amazing looking pastel, leopard! I know pastel cleans up the belly in a lot of case’s. I think it is showing some het. Clown influence, no guarantees I would never say it’s definitely a het. Sometimes though het. Clowns, and het. Pieds especially get a weird pattern. Could also be from temperature variation while incubating. Or just natural variation. No matter what caused it though, that is a nice and unique snake! Really like it!


WOW WOW WOW! Look at that funkiness right there. I hope you grab her the next time you see her. Definitely a whack leopard. Being that both parents were leopard it could be a super leopard influence. I’ve had varying expressions with leopard. It could just be a very well expressed leopard. Snag her!