Well im a proud momma? *unexpected pregnancy

Well it looks like im a proud momma to lots of Androctonus Amoreuxi. I noticed she loved heat but she didn’t really look gravid to me. Came in tonight and saw her munching away on something, and im like oh you ate the roach? Nope she was eating her babies! I saved as many as i could approximately 12 of those im not sure how many will survive.

It also looks like i caught my Deathstalker also giving birth, i totally suspected she was gravid by how big she was. I have to hunt down the cricket and remove or kill it or she will likely eat her babies too.

Looks like i may be selling on MM sooner than planned :exploding_head: :joy:. Now i know how it feels with news of unexpected pregnancy :joy: seriously i hope most survive and thrive.

Yep confirmed Lady Death gave birth and has a big load of babies on her back. I really need to find that damn cricket in the enclosure and remove or kill it.

Typically scorpions are good watchful mothers but they are prone to stress eating. So if you see a “plump” looking scorpion who refuses to eat and presses her belly up to the heat pad, she may just infact be gravid. :pray: praying she doesn’t eat her babies. Now its definitely MorphMarket time! :woman_facepalming: :woman_shrugging: :exploding_head: :joy:.


Ah yes i still havent finished setting up my store. I should get on that if i hope to try shipping out babies before holidays, but I may just wait until spring so I can observe them and watch how they grow (to train myself to have better odds of picking good holdbacks… at least thats what I’ll tell anyone who asks :stuck_out_tongue: )

Hope you enjoy your tiny babies


Thank you im just hoping some make it! Some were eaten and some just passed away too early to leave mommas back. Its very difficult to gather them and just as hard not harming them being so small and fragile.


Well i hope you get a few beautiful and healthy babies that make it


Thank you im praying for 1 miracle baby, they typically don’t survive being tossed as newborns. Hopefully one of the lively ones makes it to molt, after it molts it is much better chance of thriving.


Aww, those little babies are so cute! Too bad mom decided to eat them, but I’m glad you were able to rescue some. I hope they make it!


I do hope the ones you were able to rescue are able to make it. Congrats on your bitty babies!

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