Well there goes half my room 🤦‍♂️

The things I do for you potato :upside_down_face:. I decided that potato deserved an upgrade so I threw this monstrosity together. I estimated that his enclosure has a floor space of around 14 feet which is a significant increase from the 8 sq feet before. The standard looking enclosure is going to be just that- a normal enclosure. Heat, lighting, substrate, etc. is all like it was before this. However inside of the ‘fence’ is where it is fun. Every day I am going to open it when I wake up and close it when I go to bed meaning that he has access to the playground, as I like to call it, for around 12-16 hours. Every night after closing the door, the playground gets a complete makeover. The constants that are always in there that just get moved around are a large rock, a couple sticks, some fake plants, a reptile themed blanket, and his water bowl (don’t worry, it gets put back at night). I also will add a whole bunch of other things that are just going to be in there for a day or two. That consists of shredded paper, cardboard, crumpled up paper, and much more. He already seems to love the blanket and sat under it with his head out for a decent majority of the couple hours he was in there for after finishing it today.


Potato is one lucky dude. He needs to know how lucky he is to have an owner who cares so much about him! Nice job Logan! With the next enclosure upgrade, you might as well move your bed out to the hallway. After all, it’s Potato’s room now :rofl:


That looks like it will be pretty cool! Also, respectfully the slides on your floor made me laugh because the guys at my school wear them allllll the time :sob:
must be comfortable


It seems like all anyone wears at my school is crocs and Yeezy slides (I think that is what it is called?). They are actually like 3 sizes too small as I got them around over a year ago but they are just well formed to my feet making it feel like I am almost barefoot if that makes sense


That’s pretty cool Logan!! Potato has an awesome owner! If I ever get a bigger reptile, I’ll have to do something like that! Might have to kick the cats out though😂


Yeah that makes sense, and that sounds pretty nice. I love walking around outside barefoot it’s sensory heaven for me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Wow, that’s very impressive, Logan! Very nice, very nice job. I hope Potato gives you all the proper appreciation. I know you’ll enjoy seeing him in him playpen. :clap:


Turns out curious blue tongue skinks who haven’t ever seen a cardboard tube and paper towel tubes don’t mix well.


He tried… He tried…
But hey that stuff is probably super fun for him and it looks pretty cool too!


Seems like a perjorative interpretation. He looks pretty happy to me! :grin:

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I have been meaning to update this thread. Potato seems to be enjoying it. I am pretty sure breeding season is getting to him as he is roaming around a lot and will beg for me to open his door if I haven’t opened it yet.

He also gave me a threat display which he hasn’t done since he was a little baby and I scared him. He was at the door waiting for me to open it and he just randomly opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue a bit. It was kinda funny because he clearly wasn’t stressed or anything. I just booped his snoot and he stopped :joy:

Anyway, here is today’s setup. I decided to give him a little “pool” and kept it somewhat simple.


Potato looks like quite the lucky man:) I want a BTS sooo badly lol.