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Hello all.

Name is Travis if you couldn’t tell from my sn. I am getting back into bearded dragons. I did some breeding back when I was in highschool thanks to a neighbor who was a breeder, and I found morph market after discovering ball python videos while searching for bearded dragon videos.

Last year I got the bug for reptiles again. I really dont know what it was but one day I thought about dragons after not thinking about them for years. I guess when you are busy trying to get yourself established and have roommates it gets hard do things you like.

I found myself googling around for the old breeders from 15 years ago. Sadly almost none of them were around anymore, but that lead me to YouTube and eventually Instagram. I was blown away by what I was seeing! Trans, Leatherback, Dunner, Silky, Zero and witblits. It was so exciting seeing the new morphs. Back when I first got into dragons all we had were color bloodlines. Sand fires, tigers, citrus, oranges and the ultra sought after red dragon. I had heard of this new thing called a pastel, but there wernt many around. Turns out it was a recessive gene that is now called hypo. Who would of guessed there would be so many morphs now?

After getting my dragons which hopefully you all will be seeing some of the babies for sell next year I was looking around YouTube for some good breeding info but sadly there isnt much content for bearded dragons. I did however find a large amount of content for ball pythons and have fallen in love with them. I dont have any yet as my 4 dragons have kinda take up all the space I have in my apartment, but hopefully this time next year I will have the space and can start my breeding project.


Welcome ! It is insane how many morphs ball pythons have now ! Truly mind blowing. Your dragons are beautiful !!! I always wanted a dragon, but feeding bugs wasn’t something I felt I could handle lol so stuck with snakes. Will you want light morphs or dark for a ball python project ?

I really like Mojave, banana, lesser and pinstripe. I figure those morphs will be the funniest to select breed and make a large amount of combos to play with. Eventually I would also like to add a recessive morph like maybe pied or albino.

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Beautiful dragons, so glad to have you join us. Thanks for sharing your story so far.

I am also excited that MorphMarket (market) has gone from about zero to several dozen beardie breeders over the last year.

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