Went home with 3 new ones

Hi guys, I went to Houten expo 20/09 and pickup 3 beautiful new snakes. Just wanted to show them 2 females and a powerhouse male.
Just coudnt leave him behind just gone take awhile before breeding his 2 girls.

1e pic mojave enchi het. ghost

2e pic pastel enchi butter het. ghost

3e pic fire vanilla lesser enchi pastel ghost


Congrats! Those are some cool looking snakes. I also came home with 3 new snakes, 2 females and a male :smiley:


Nice, now you make me curious about your snakes :joy:


Beautiful! I am a sucker for Enchi :star_struck:


I am in love with those Enchis!! :heart_eyes:

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Definitely that is some good breeding stock

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Thanks, we will see in the future :grin:

I forgot to log back in :joy:
I collected a super special from outside the expo, and bough a banana pin pied and a Ghost (Granite probably, too) from inside :smiley:

Unfortunately I don’t have any pics o the pied as he is in rough shape.


The super special is really gorgeous! You planning or having any breeding projects already? Grtz

By the way meanwhile i bought 4 more snakes! This hobby seems really addictive haha
Two kopples of boa’s Rainbows and jungle/normal. :grin: started this hobby in June and have 10 snakes atm. Would like too get a superdwarf golden child reticulated but waiting on that one a few more years. First getting more experience and breeding ball pythons.

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OMG they r so beautiful!!!

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