Were you @ Tinley in Chicago this weekend? What did you get?!

These were our pickups :grin:

0.1 arctic conda
0.1 toffeebelly conda
1.0 pastel crystal


My 2 tinley pick ups.

Female black pastel albino
Male motley lavender retic.


I love the retic man :ok_hand:
Lavender motleys are beautiful


I wasn’t @ Tinley but I did score a few great pick ups @ a local 1st time expo in RI at the USARK auction for vendors Sat night. I’ve been looking to add to my desert ghost projects and snagged a 100% triple het DG/axan/hypo male, then a 100% triple het DG/clown/pied male! From well known respected vendors so not questioning accuracy of genetics. The last 1 was a bit of an impulse(maybe the few drinks @ dinner before the auction) but I just couldn’t pass on this 2.5yo female purple albino retic. I feel like I stole these. I did donate a couple caramel carpets I hatched this year so maybe just some good karma coming back around. Either way, love that after all these years things in this hobby can still excite me sometimes.


Dang, wish i knew there was an even so close. Sounds like it was a blast!

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What did I get? I got a cold. :slight_smile:

But @verinium good news, we’re building events/expos into MorphMarket , so you won’t ever miss one again.


Hope you recuperate quickly. :blush:

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Looking forward to that feature!

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My fiancé and I got a cold too, must have been passed around the expo hall or something :joy:

Definitely looking forward to that feature as well!

Sadly I couldn’t go to Tinley, but hopefully I will make it to the Midwest Reptile show November 7th here in Indy.