Wero Bearded Dragon- Do you want one in your life!

Hi everyone, I trust you are having a fabulous evening!

My question is…how sort after are these?

You got your Zero, trans , hypo etc

You got your Witblits, trans hypo etc…

But Weros…I’m thinking about it!!

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it depends, are you going to breed? if yes 100% buy a zero with has many genetics as possible
(Personally, I would recommend trans zero witblits hypo maybe leatherback) for a few reasons,
weros are definitely rarer and harder to come by but you don’t have to like to look for 8 hours you just search for a wero, and you find some, another thing I found that yellow bearded dragons, red bearded dragons, oranges etc. don’t seem to go for all that much
unless they are higher reds or yellows
oh, one more thing you could buy a zero but another thing that makes more money are “red monsters”
red monsters I don’t actually know how to produce but I do know that it has to do with barbatasXred bearded dragons make well a legit dragon, and they go for a lot, also if you cross a red monster bearded dragonXa not red bearded dragon it makes half red monsters which is just a darker red and if you add hypo to the mix, it just looks like a high red.

this is a half red monster.
and this my friend it a full red monster

granted there is a bit more of a color difference due to age, also red monsters to my knowledge are REALLY sought after I recommend producing more full red monsters due to major price diffrence
(Full red monster babies are about 3 grand!!! compared to really nice half red monsters at about 1 grand)
this looking at it in an economic view.
oh, also in the non-economic view I personally like red monsters more they look like IRL dragons.


I produced 1 in each clutch from my zero witblits line this season but even though they are rare not a lot of people are not interested, they come with a heafty price and, to be fair, are just bearded dragon. I’m just in two minds about creating a Wero line…hence the question :grinning: