West African File Snake - New project

Hi all,
So, this weekend, I came across an opportunity to start a new project. I purchased 2.3 F1 West African File Snake babies. They’re a little over 3 months old, but I couldn’t pass up the chance to work with such an awesome animal.
Obviously it’s gonna be a couple years before I would do any pairing, but I’m just putting out some feelers now to talk to anyone that has worked with these animals.
I wish I could express how happy and excited I am to start this journey with one of my favorite snakes! If people are interested, I can post updates along the way.


Congrats! I love the way those snakes look, though I honestly don’t know much about them. One reason why I never seriously considered keeping them was because it seems like the vast majority for sale are wild-caught. I’d love it if there were more CBB individuals on the market.

Are they difficult to breed in captivity?


This is an awesome species! That’s a great opportunity. I’d love to see pictures and it’d be great if you could post updates!


That’s one of the reasons I couldn’t pass this up. I can’t wait to be able to put CBB animals into the hobby. I think the more that people are exposed to them the more love they will get.
Not sure about breeding difficulties. Would love to talk to people that have experience in it.


Yeah I’m gonna try to get some pics up over the next couple days


Finally got around to some pics, haha


Those are super cool!

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These are some cool looking snakes.

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oh wow I’ve never seen a pic of one fired up like that! I’ve only seen them greyish pinkish looking. That kind of lavender they can have.

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Good on you! That is very admirable.

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Those are some awesome looking babies! They almost remind me of dragon snakes, sorta kinda, with that dorsal ridge. I really hope that you can eventually produce some CBB babies!