Western Hog sexing pic

Hey everyone. I picked up this little hog from a local reptile store 6 months ago. She was sold to me as a female. She’s grown a bit, and as I got her out today I looked at her tail and would swear she is a he! Anyone well versed in hoggie tail have an opinion?


The really long and thick tail means it is male. It is rare for females to have such long tails.

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Sigh… yeah figured as much. Guess the hunt begins for a girlfriend.

Yeah, unfortunately a male!

I have a hog that I’m still not 100% sure on myself…. she was sold to me as a she but her tail shape says female, tail length says male

I asked people in several places and got mixed responses, so I’m just gonna raise her up. If she gets big, I’ll know she’s a female for sure :rofl:

She’s cute but very sassy haha