Western Hognose belly questions

Hey all, I had an awesome buying experience with Singin’ River Reptiles buying this lil boy. I’ve never bred before but in a few years that is my goal, once I get hog husbandry down as these guys mature. He is 100% het coral, and I intend to breed him with my het lav 66% PH coral. I wanted to ask, his belly looks different than my female’s and I wanted to know if that means anything. His belly is gray and black and her belly also has some orange. Is this just a difference in coloration that isn’t indicative of anything or is there something to it? First pic is the male, second is the female.

PS- I’m breeding hets because I’m just starting and didn’t have a ton of $ to sink into expensive visuals while also making sure I have ample capital to provide care for my animals.




The bellies on hogs can be variable so I would not take this difference to mean anything major


Thanks for the response :slight_smile: