Western Hognose Egg Question

Hey everyone! This is my first time breeding hognose and I’ve got a visual lock, so I’m starting to prepare for eggs. I’ve got everything pretty much down except the humidity for the eggs. I’m using a tub for the eggs and they’ll be in perlite. Do I need to poke holes in the egg tub for ventilation, or will that mess with the humidity? Do I need to occasionally spray the substrate with water to keep the humidity up? Or should I not poke any holes in the tub and leave them alone until they hatch?

You want humidity as close to 100% as possible, no holes since is would let humidity out, basically you put your eggs in and forget about them for the next 55 days. If you do not open your box all the time to check on eggs and your setup was right from the start you will not have to add water to your substrate.


Some people put small pinholes in their egg boxes because they say they need ventilation in order to not grow mold etc. I’m just trying to find the best way for the eggs to be healthy. I won’t open the egg box at all until they hatch.

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If I could ask, Could I incubate over water rather than using a substrate? Having the eggs elevated above it. Or is there a reason to have a Substrate?

The problem with just water if you move your tub around is sloshing around and possibly splashing your eggs.

And when eggs get too wet it is often game over.