Western Hognose morph?

Hey! I’m planning on breeding my Western Hognose, Spike, and I’m wondering if you would consider him just a wild type normal morph? Part of me wonders if he’s a mocha gloydi due to the amount of large spots on him. Might be wishful thinking, I don’t know!

He’s a rescue so I only know that he’s about 2 years old and used to be an animal educator snake. I’m thinking he came from our local zoo as they tend to swap out their hognoses a lot when they get “too big.”

I recognize I won’t know what traits he carries until breeding (I plan to breed him with an albino female) but I just figure I could get some outside opinions!


Appears wild type. There is a large amount of variability in even the wild-type animals.


I know this is late down the line but that might be a twin spot. I’m really not sure and I’m not really good at Hannas genetics but that does appear to be a twin spot

Can you put a picture of the belly?

Should the belly be completely jet black if it’s a twin spot? Or is that just for conda and super conda?

Belly will be jet black for conda and super conda sometimes some low expression conda can pass as normal from the top but not when you see the belly

Belly of one of my extreme red conda for reference.


I love the red conda