What a good day!

Thank you for the advice. I’m going to definitely look into those combos!

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Any time!!! Two super nice snakes you have for sure!!! Really dig the albino champagne!!

Appreciate that! Looking forward to watching them grow.

Reduced patterning, two-toning w/i the aliens, obliteration of alien “eyes”, eye/neck stripe “wishbone”

Headstamps in SuperEnchi are not always crazy. That said, SuperPastel Enchi could make a head similar to SuperEnchi Pastel so that combo is possible as well.

Definitely not Mojave though.

YB is possible too, in a combo of this level most of the traits that would allow for ID of YB would get washed away


@t_h_wyman Thank you for the explanation!!! I see what you did there with the quote lol!:wink:

Thanks for that explanation! I’d take super enchi over pastel any day though so I’ll have to see how it plays out.


So if I could piggy back off of this post and we’ll it is still the same day. I came across this girl needing a home tonight and it kinda made me laugh. I believe her to be an adult single gene enchi.

However as saleengrinch pointed out not knowing all the ways to distinguish enchi and myself in the same boat. I thought maybe if I asked what are all the markers to look for it may helps other people identify enchi traits as well. I know this was said earlier

But are these things to look for in mixes or also the singles gene or just super enchi traits? May seem like a simple question, but coming across 2 today I’m going to start educating myself.
Or does anyone have a good place where enchi and othe morphs are explained as best they can be? Thanks everyone and anyone that can help.

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Single gene animals are a little different, but yes, your animal is a single-gene Enchi:

Reduced patterning
“Blocky” aliens w/out eyes
Two-toning w/in the aliens (yellow switching to gold)
Broader/more prominent eye stripe
Green/gold eyes


@t_h_wyman thanks for that. With two coming at me in the same day figured I’d better take the time to learn the markers.
Also, when are you publishing you complete book of morphs and ever single identifying mark to look for.
Thinking if you could have it done by next Friday I’ll buy a couple copies off you. I prefer a nice hardback with some beautiful crisp pictures showing exactly what I’m looking for…
Or a really detailed pop up book. Really bring the morphs to your readers.
So ithen we’re settled on next Friday.


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