What a good day!

Pretty excited to add this girl and guy to the collection! Couldn’t walk away from either. The 2nd one I’m hoping for some opinions. It’s a best guess at a 5 morph combo. Another local Breeder was holding him back, but me keeping him local he helped feed the addiction! He is such a clean snake these pics can not do this guy justice. Anyway let me know what you think! Thanks ahead of time.


Do you have any info on the pairing? He looks hypo butter for sure. And probably fire/vanilla but shooting blind is kind tough. First girl looks albino champagne

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Second animal looks to be a Hypo SuperEnchi Butter Pastel


I’m terrible with enchi. I’m wondering what your seeing that brought you to that conclusion Dr Wyman? Trying to learn lol!

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I’m not actually 100% about the parents I could find out for sure. His breeder has had him for a year and a half. At this point he believes from the pairing (not sure why I didn’t ask exactly what it was) Super pastel, enchi, Mojave, yellow belly, hypo. He thinks he is accurate on that after this long, but he says some are hard to pinpoint because his color really seems to change shed to shed. Of this I’m not sure, but can’t wait to see.

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I definitely think it’s butter l/lesser not mojave


He did say that it’s a yard sale of possible combos though. So that’s why I seek the experts.

Well is the female albino champagne? Do you have any info on her?

Absolutely could be, butter was mentioned in the mix of possibles, but he believed Mojave based to his darker coloring right after sheds. I’m no Mojave expert though. In this pic. I’d think lesser/butter too.

Definitely butter imo I’ve hatched quite a few hypo butter combos.

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Yeah she is albino champagne. I’ve been looking for this girl for a while. Plan is to work her in with my super black pastel albino male eventually and see how I make out on that to start with.

Black pastel champagne is one of my favorites! Made quite a few!

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I’m thinking it will be a darker orange snake maybe reddish with how orange she is. I love the look of those BP,champ,albinos.

I’d say I don’t mean to copy, but ohh well you got me intrigued with those champagne pics. Have you ever seen a Champagne sugar. In my head I want to think those would mix well.

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Which pictures are we referring to lol. I work with calico but never made champagne calico.

The only reason I didn’t think super enchi is because of the head stamps. I always see some crazy head stamps on super enchis

My first post days back you were showing off your holdbacks you’ve made. Was actually about to sell my champagne male until you showed me those. Now that’s a big nope. I kinda wanna play with the one a bit.


Thank you I really appreciate that! Champagne and sable are probably my two favorite genes! Glad I got you on board the champagne train! Lol Imo champagne hypo combos are the way to go! And any of the gargoyle complex mixes well with champagne. Blackhead and enchi champagne throws crazy stuff too!

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Absolutely those are beautiful animals. For me I love playing with cinnamon. A common morph, but I love when it mixes. But yeah champagne is going to be a great building block.

You should look into Huffman it’s allelic to cinnamon and I think you would like some of the combos it makes!