What about it?

If I breed normal het pied X pied poss 66 %het albino poss 66% het candy… Can I say to have in the results 100% pied poss het albino poss het candy? Thanks

Yes you can say poss het for the results. A 50 and 66% can both be described as poss hets but of course the difference would he that the 66% had a 2/3 chance of proving out and a 50% has a…well 50% chance of proving out.

Since the het albino and het candy is only 66% poss het, technically unless you prove out that het you should not label the hatchlings as poss het candy/albino.
All the offspring would be 100% het pied 33% het albino or candy, again until the candy and albino het is proven they technically aren’t poss het for those recessives in the offspring only the parent.
From my understanding anyway that’s how it would work.


Candy and Albino are allelic so it would be only one or the other.


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The way you would/should market your offsprings would be pied and het pied, because your Pied is just a Pied until proven differently.


Thanks guys for your answer… But what is the best way? Some one say yes…other one say to proven out… What I have to do?

For the hatchlings you would sell from that clutch, I would only label them het pied.
But if I was in your position, I would hold back a few to try and prove your pied 66% het albino or candy. If your pied 66% het albino/candy is your male, I’d hold back all the females because then that would give you a lot to work with. If it’s a female I’d hold back 2 males and 2 females. Then you can pair the male to your original dam and the other male to each female and maybe prove the albino/candy.
Make sense? But that’s just what I would do your call in the end.


Your right…good thinking…it’s really always a little confusing with the percentages. If the snake is het for candy and het for albino you would have a candino. So the parent is either het for albino, or het for candy or none of them. To me it doen’t sound fair to claim pos het if it’s less than 50% and that is already very low. It’s even less chance than claiming a pos male or pos female without sexing the snake