What age can they be to breed

Hi i have maybe a 3 month old baby leopard gecko he is a male i am not sure completely haven’t got a picture but i have a MorphMarket shop that is empty atleast on my profile it says new seller but i want to breed leopard geckos in the future when i have the space needed for the maybe 10 eggs from a female if you answer thank your for your time

Heres a picture of him if he has a morph and someone wants to identify him

Leos can breed before they’re a year old. I do not recommend cohabbing them or attempting to breed right away. Ideally you want the females to be at least a year old and of a good body condition. I would personally wait until my females were at least a little on the chunky side and 80 grams. That way they don’t get too underweight after laying.

That said… Do remember that these are live animals and there is a lot to consider beyond just space for 10 babies.
-You will need the space for as long as it takes to find homes for them. The market is flooded right now, so unless you have something interesting it may be hard to sell. If you plan on giving them to friends, make sure they know how to care for them
-medical issues do happen from time to time. Make sure you have a vet available to see them in case something comes up.
-you may need to euthanize hatchlings. Incubation sometimes can be a problem. You will need to be able to euthanize them at home or bring them to the vet to have them euthanized if needed.
-make sure to research morphs and such so you know what you will be selling.

This is just to give you an honest idea of what to look forward to.
If you still go forward with it just make sure to put the animals first and you should be fine. =)


Ok thank you

@bennyandjammy It sounds like you need a lot more experience keeping leos before you try breeding them. Definitely wait a few years and focus on your husbandry for now. You definitely shouldn’t breed a species you’re having trouble handling- wait until you have more experience under your belt.

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