What are some of the 2021 breeding projects

I just checked all my female leopard geckos. I have 14 I can breed but I think I will breed 7 of them. I will mostly breed snow morphs(mack snow, Gem, Jungle and phantoms) 2 wy females, blood crosses and raptors. Yes I just love my snow morphs lol.


This is my first year breeding leopard geckos so I just have 3 and I’m hoping to get one more if I can find it. My male is a SHTCT, my first female is a RAPTOR W&Y and I’m hoping to produce tremper albino eclipses in the next generations, possibly with mack snow. My other female is a Blazing Blizzard, I’m going to try to produce eclipse albino [het] blizzard and possibly mack snow. A female that I’m hoping to find is a Total Eclipse, a super snow (mack), eclipse. I’m hoping to produce more total eclipses and mix some of those offspring with other offspring to produce geckos with more morphs.