What are the concrete requirements for for something to be considered its own Line?

What is required for something to be considered its own Line?

What lines do you trust and respect and why?

For example

Any examples and history on reputable existing lines and how they came to be?

Please feel free to add any questions you may have and I can add them to this topic!


Put simply, it’s about a simple gene mutation (yet to be mutation) that you prove out to be genetic.

Dinker animal, farm hatch animal with potential, fresh African import.

Now for the second part, lines are getting mixed with one another all the time for several reason 1# People want to pair the best looting individuals regardless of the lines 2# BP people are not prone to keep strict lineage, so it’s very difficult for anyone to actually buy a certain line and guarantee that it is as pure as the original especially when it comes to things like Pastel, Banana or CG, Calico, Lesser or Butter, Black Pastel etc


Sorry, not directly answer the question, but what morph is that? It’s gorgeous


I trust and respect the Flora and Fauna line Calico. Like this example.

They consistently produce the highest white calicos, which is what appeals me to that gene, and in particular that line.


So is tracking Lineage Something we should start implementing and requiring if someone will claim that said ball pythons comes from a particular line?

I’m going to start including this kind of documentation and tracking with anything that has a line.


The ball python in the picture is a XSTACY!!

They continue getting more and more white over time from hatching into adulthood. Each shed the white really starts taking over!



When you picked up this Flora and Fauna line Calico did you get it directly from them or did you buy it from someone as Flora and Fauna?


I bought it from a friend who purchased her as a hatchling from Flora and Fauna. When I bought her I also received the invoice they sent him with confirmation of the line.
I keep records from everyone I buy from, especially when a certain line is in question.
Yours is beautiful too :heart_eyes:.


Oh yes I’m a crazy fan of calico, sugars and XS!

I really can’t wait to show everyone some of the amazing combos I’m hoarding behind the scenes!


Same here.
So far what you’ve shown of your collection is beautiful, I can’t wait till you share what you’re keeping secret. Especially if Calico is in there, such an underrated gene in my opinion.

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What morphs make up that beauty I’ve never seen a ball python as cool as yours?