What are the Rainwater tangerine lines?

I know that the Tremper albino strain has a few different tangerine Tremper lines such as the Atomic G and Red Diamond, but what are the Rainwater tangerine lines called? I work with a few of the tangerine Tremper lines but I’ve seen some rainwater tangerine lines that are stunning, so I wanna try and do my homework and learn more about them and hopefully dip my toes into the Rainwater tangerines.


There is an exceptionally beautiful line called Firewater that you should check out. They are Rainwater Albinos selectively bred for color. There is also the Raining Red Stripe, which was produced by breeding the Rainwater Albino gene into Red Stripes. They tend to be colorful as well. Be aware that as the color in these morphs is line bred, not all individuals are equal and you may want to see parent pics if you consider buying a younger animal that does not have it’s adult colors.


“Sonic” by Cambridge geckos UK
I will have to take some body shots


Also Ramsey has the Magma Rainwaters. (Please correct me if I’m wrong)

I love Rainwaters!!!