What are these when popping?

Hey, I purchased this ball python as a female a while back. Recently I decided to pop her to make sure. And I was wondering what these red parts are. Are they scent glands as they do not look like hemipenes like the males have as they are more cylinder like. And I wanted to be as informed as I can be.
Thank you

I would say hemi peens 100%

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Can you get a pic from a different angle. How are you popping it?

The issue with pictures like that is that they are often hard to judge not knowing you and how efficient you are when popping an animal.

Not to mention not knowing how large the animal is.

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It’s hard to get other photos. I thought that they did look like hemipenes, I didn’t think that they were that shape. Almost like crabs claws instead of cylinders so it’s confused me. Also it was from a large breeder that sold it to me as female a while ago. So I didnt think to check it before hand.

I’m generally quite good at popping. This one has just thrown me off. The snake is around 900g. And in the photo I’m just holding it in one hand to get the photo.

That maybe part of the problem, the larger they are the better muscle control they have of that area. you may not be able to apply enough pressure to get the sex organs to protude properly. You may need to take to vet to have probed to verify sex or a local breeder you trust that has a GOOD AMOUNT of experience with probing. Do not attempt to probe if you don’t have enough experience with it. You can do a lot of damage other wise.


Thank you for your help. I’ll try and take it to someone over the weekend to be sure of the gender.

I would have to agree with Mary you might not be as efficient with adults which is common as they have a lot more control.

Here is what a 850 grams male looks like when popped right (I do not have small hands ;))


I agree that sometimes the adults have more control. Every other male adult that I have pops out big hemipenes like your photo, so I feel that I have a good technique now. However this female (or male) pops out these smaller claw like ones. So I wasn’t sure if they were just inverted scent glads/pockets. And not male hemipenes instead.

UPDATE. I took him to people I trust and they confirmed that it is a male. But that he does have very oddly shaped hemipenes. They should still do the job though.
Thank you everyone that helped.