What are we all keeping these days?

I did some counting last week since I’ve been reducing ball pythons just to see where things stand.

Species I’m currently keeping;

California Kingsnakes
Grey Banded Kingsnakes
Hybrid Zonata/Grey Bands
Mexican Black Kingsnakes
Corn Snakes
Blood Pythons
Carpet Pythons
Boa Imperators
Amazon Tree Boas
Checkered Garters
Black Ratsnakes
Texas Ratsnakes
Northern Pines
Great Basin Gophers
Western Diamondbacks
Speckled Rattlesnake
Northern Pacific Rattlesnakes
Blue Tongue Skinks
Rio Fuerte Beaded Lizards
Ball Pythons
House Snakes
Leopard Geckos
California Mountain Kingsnake (Zonata)

I think that’s all of them but I likely missed one or two.

What species are ya’ll working with?


That’s a great list.

Mine is paltry in comparison.

Boa Sigma
Boa Imperator
Short Tail Python

And that is it. My lone corn was given back to the woman that asked me to take him, since she purchased a house.

I’ve come close to keeping some speckled kingsnake I’ve found herping, but not ready to do that yet.


I wouldn’t say Working With in my case since I’m a Pet-keeper, but
Finnley the Black Eyed Lucy Ball Python
Sangfroid the Black African House Snake
and four blue death feigning beetles. I’d like to add a diabolical Ironclad to the gang.


Here is my more current list but it’s late and I might forget something;

CA boa
Rosy boa
Corn snake (on order)
House snake
Gray banded king snake
Mexican milk snake
Ball pythons
Loxocemus bi color python
Short tail python
Matcha Pac Man frog
Leopard gecko
Crested gecko
Jumping spiders
Assorted tarantula species
Assorted isopods
Dubia roaches

This is all I can think of at the moment.

I don’t work with any of them. I am a keeper only………


I envy you! It gets a little wild trying to keep stuff from all over the world happy :rofl:

I love house snakes, they definitely don’t get enough attention.

That’s the best way. I love breeding snakes but in order to pull it off, you can’t mess with some of them very much and it does take some fun out of it.


Mostly corns over here, that’s all I’m currently breeding anyway. But I do also have a hognose and a calabar python that eventually I will find females for.

I love corns, but I would like to branch out a bit in the future. Really looking into Arizona mountain kings and black milks (which I’ve owned previously and loved!).


At this point in time I’m keeping:

California Kingsnakes
Nuevo Leon Kingsnakes
Gray-banded Kingsnakes
Kenyan Sand Boas
Rough Scaled Sand Boas
Rosy Boas
Leopard Geckos
Assorted tarantula species
Assorted dart frog species

I think that completes the current list minus anything kept strictly as feeders and/or clean up crews.


I have-
Northern blue tongue skink
Crested gecko
Texas rat snake
American toads
Northern green frog
Northern slimy salamander

My brother keeps a ball python and a leopard gecko

My family also has a 35 year old rescue blue and gold macaw and birds are reptiles

I will also be getting some isopods soon but not going to count that

Nothing compared to what a lot of you guys keep and i would be lying if I said i wasn’t extremely jealous of what you keep but I feel pretty lucky to be able to keep all of this as a 14 year old with parents who don’t particularly love reptiles


Mexicana is definitely a complex I’d like to work with in the future. I especially like the granite mex mex stuff but I like thayeri a lot too.

We have a Fire leg and a Salmon Pink Bird Eater. I had a yucatan rust rump and a brazilian giant blonde but they were males and you know how that goes.

Awesome choices! I’d like to keep some amphibians one day. I really like herping for them but I don’t feel confident trying them with how busy I already am in the reptile rooms.


I just got into corns last year, and they’re very addictive lol. I bought stuff that I liked, and I did very helter skelter so I still need a lot of other stuff to make decent projects :joy:


Right now just ball pythons and a few retics. Great question, love to see everyone’s list!:+1:


So many interesting things! Not gonna lie, I’m both envious of and intimidated by some of those lists!

I am currently working solely with corn snakes. I’m a very small scale breeder. I definitely have longer term projects I am working on but mine are also pets. I love that I can handle my corns regularly without causing issues. I’ve had a few other colubrids. We’re trying to relocate and I may pick up a couple other things afterward.


My list is very short in comparison to everyone here, as I’m relatively new to keeping reptiles and I also don’t plan on breeding. My snakes are well-loved pets, but I still wanted to share.

Currently I have two snakes:
Corn snake (Okeetee tessera morph)
IMG Motley BCI (breeder is currently establishing her on f/t for me, but she should be ready in the next couple of weeks!)

I am also on a wait-list for a black pine snake. The breeder I know has 6 eggs incubating that should hatch at the end of the month! So I’ll be adding a black pine very soon.

There is also a chance I might be able to purchase an Eastern Indigo in the future (the breeder that I bought my boa from plans on breeding his pair this season), so stay tuned for that update!


Currently all I have is a Kenyan sand boa and a blood python, both wild-type females. I also have two species of tarantula and a western black widow. (I also have some mammals.)

In the relatively near future, I intend to add a BCI and a few more tarantulas and true spiders for sure. Further down the road, I’d love to add a hognose, a woma python, and some sort of Pituophis species. If I still have the space after all that, I’d love a blue-tongued skink. Generally I’m more drawn to snakes than lizards, but there’s just something about the grumpy little blue-tongued faces that I’ve been finding hard to resist lately.


My current collection:

Children’s Pythons
Stimson’s Pythons
True Red-Tailed Boa Constrictors - 2 localities
Bolivian Short-Tailed Boa Constrictors
Anery Longicauda Boa Constrictors
Argentine Boa Constrictors - Normal and T+
Sunglow Nicaraguan Boa Constrictors
Tarahumara Mountain Boa Constrictors
Madagascar Ground Boas
Dwarf Dumeril’s Boas
Rosy Boas - 2 species and 10 localities
Kenyan Sand Boas - 1 locality and many different morphs
Rough-Scaled Sand Boas - 2 morphs
Sunset Indian Sand Boas
Russian Sand Boas - 2 color variants
Calabar Boas


I just have

Dratini the Maxx Pink Argentine boa
Draco the beardie
Spike the crestie
Venus and Pluto the jumping spiders
My four snails: Sir Fredrick, Sheldon, Munch, and Slimer

It’s not much but i hope to get more soon, specifically a male argentine, more cresties, and more isopods and baby jumping spiders.


Most of mine are just pets… althO I breed Keyan sand boas currently & vioer geckos

Dumerils boa
Rainbow boas
Solomon island ground boas
Indonesian tree boa
Keyan sand boas
Rough scale sand boa
Saharan sand boas
Rubber boa
Rosy boas
Haitian boa
Calabar python
Ball pythons
Blood python
Children’s python
Bamboo ratsnakes
Eastern hogs
Day gecko
Marble gecko
Crocodile gecko
Emerald Swift
Grass lizard

Oh & a Malaysian box turtle.
Think I got em all…lol


Opp…forgot my yellow head gecko…my 2 leopards & my AFT.
Most are pets… some are actually rescues waiting to go to their forever home…till then they are with me.


Leopard Geckos
Crested Geckos
Fat-tailed Geckos
Mourning Geckos
Kenyan Sand Boas
Western Hognoses
Honduran Milksnake
6 isopod species
2 millipede species (bumblebees & ivorys)
2 roach species (dubias and hissers)


Holy cow @slpocrnich I don’t see the kitchen sink! Seriously though, what an impressive list! I hope you have help? :blush::clap: