What are you all doing for frozen feeder?

Hello… I hope you are all well. So, I usually stock up on frozens at our local shows. In assuming this won’t happen for a while. My supplier is fairly far away. I know there are good companies out there. I may have to bite bullet and have some shipped. I’ve never done that before. Local shops have feeders, but just exploring options. Thanks.

Whereabouts are you located?


The most economical is to buy bulk and have them shipped which usually comes down lower than you local store that are usually priced much higher.

That’s what I used to do before breeding my own.

So the key is bulk.


I found a guy through a snake breeder where I can get my feeders. He’s about an hour away from me but has good prices and get get frozen for me if I text him in advance (I usually give at least a week). I’d say go to Facebook and join the local feeder/breeder groups. Some do frozen, some don’t.

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Thanks, everyone. I’m in St. Louis.

Since you are in St. Louis, I recommend https://www.americanrodent.com/index.php
for ordering your rodents. I live close to where they are located so I don’t have to get them shipped, but they have good rodents for sell in consistent sizes and the lowest prices I know of personally.

Yeah try ARS I drive there once a month to get mine directly across town but where you are I think it would just be 30 bucks shipping for a box which comes with up to 50lbs of rodents with dry ice and everything included so. Probably need to buy several bags to make it worth it but their prices are pretty reasonable. You might have someone local you could drive to though. Just have to search the googles

Give them a call if you want to chat with a person Jason is the main guy he’s really cool the other guys there are good too. Good luck!

I’ve always used Perfect Prey. Good sized food, packaged nicely and professionally, nice quality food, consistent sizing as well.

I recently ordered a pack of frozen thaw hoppers from the big cheese and they came frozen rock solid and vacuum packed! They had no discernable smell when I opened the pack and all of the mice seemed to be about the same weight.