What are your guys views on GTP co-habitation?

I’m wondering what your opinions are about housing two GTPs in the same enclosure. A 36x24x18.


I’m not a fan of keeping any types of snakes together. Feel there is no advantage to it and a lot of disadvantages. That’s not to say people haven’t been successful in doing it. It’s just not something I myself would recommend!


I think it’s ok for the most part but just iffy on when they become adults maybe 3 ft would be to small for two of them.

I wouldn’t. 3ft would definitely be too small for two adults for one, and for two the only snakes that really tolerate other snakes are garters and ribbons. GTPs I feel like would become aggressive with each other, and even if they don’t, the risk of one of them injuring each other is high.


I believe it can be done, but you would have to do it right if you were to do it.

I do not feel a 3x2x1.5 would be large enough. I would be looking at something closer to a 4x4x2. You would need plenty of perches and also I would strongly advocate being heavily planted/decorated so that there are plenty of visual barriers.

Your thermal gradient would have to be exclusively vertical so that both animals could find a temperature they wanted without having to fight the other for a prime location. Likewise, you would need multiple watering locations so there is no fighting for resources.

I would only do it as a 0.2 or a 1.1 as a pair of males will combat one another