What are YOUR holdback thoughts? Even if not sure. Cant keep them all

Horns of a dilemma:
What are your holdback thoughts? Especially if your not sure. We cant keep them all.
Mine are below, but also what are yours?
For me -
Super pastel Banana Female

Pastel Banana Female (Heart)

Female Butter Banana Pastel Female

Female Orange Dream, Yellow belly, Pinstripe

Female, Lesser, Pastel, Yellow belly, Pinstripe.

At least that’s what I think they are. But cant keep them all. Or can I :smirk:
Thinking banana females to my super banana male. The 2 Pinstripe, not sure lust love them.


The OD YB Pin is beautiful and a pretty nice female to keep around I think. And that butter banana girl is so cute!

I already am male heavy in my colony. So of course what do I hatch? More males…

These are the two that I’m really having trouble with.
1.0 what I believe to be Coral glow special Mojave citrus pastel fire probable Orange Ghost poss enchi? Either way, beautiful and light with yellow highlights…very little pattern showing.

And what I believe is 1.0 Coral Glow Special Orange Ghost Fire.

As far as I can tell, both are World’s First combos. And if I can prove out the Crystal CG as having all those genes? I’ll be set with a powerhouse… But the other issue is if he ISN’T actually a OG, he’s 50%het… So keeping the male that IS visual OG is the good choice too.


I would be inclined to keep the banana females. All if you can but definitely the bananas.


This is one of the reasons I’ll probably never be a breeder of anything. I’d be way too stressed about keeping and/or selling and end up keeping them all!


@armiyana @dsed @ascended

Keep them all! One can NEVER have too many beautiful snakes! They look to be all keepers!:snake::frog::lizard: