What ARS levels can be stacked?

I’m in the market for some new racks, and definitely considering buying a few levels of either an ARS rack or a FB rack, and adding on as funds allow. Seems the cost per snake is almost equal to that of what I would expect to pay with pvc racks almost.

What levels can stack for the ARS racks, and also for the FB racks? Ideally I’d need something for adult females (ARS 7030?) and then juvenile/adult males (ARS 5540?)
For the time being I don’t need a hatchling racks(using 2 cserpent hatchling racks stacked right now), as it seems those don’t stack with the hybrid series anyhow, being the 10 series. They make an adapter for the non-hybrid series to stack but I’m leaning towards hybrid. Any inputs on whether hybrid is worth the savings?

I don’t believe any of the hybrid racks are stackable. It’s one size or nothing. I’m assuming it’s a weight/strength issue. The original racks are all welded steel, while the hybrid racks combine tubing with plastic connectors.

Personally I have 6 levels of the 5540. It’s fantastic. My only gripe is that assembly is a process. Especially if it’s your first time assembling their racks. It’s not complicated, just time consuming. I originally started with 4 levels and I’ve been adding on. Another plus for me is that I’m within driving distance of their warehouse.

Another thing to consider is that the hybrid systems have a shorter turnaround time. I think it’s currently 4-6 weeks for select rack systems. Possibly shorter if they have all the parts and you only want a partial system.

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I thought if the bases were the same they could stack? I wish it was indicated on their site, it doesn’t indicate what’s stackable for the standard racks either from what I can tell. I thought some of them were the same size, no?

Editing to add below image. From a post a couple years ago, I believe that the hybrid can stack if the same size. That’ll be a deal breaker for me if they can’t.

Ah gotcha. I was thinking of stacking with their transitional levels. Like for 2 completely different sized systems.

If that’s the case, they should be compatible. The bases are the exact same dimensions, the only thing that would change is the spacing for the tubs. You can always give them a ring to confirm. Jason is a fantastic guy.

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