What can I do to help with a shipping problem?

I have a customer who I shipped a snake to on 5/20, on 5/21 FedEx showed the package was delivered and signed for. Once I got the notification that it was delivered I emailed the customer to verify and didn’t hear back from them. 3 days later, on 5/24, I get an email from the customer that it was not delivered so I told her to contact FedEx immediately and I did the same. FedEx is simply stating that it was delivered and not being much help.

Today, 5/30, I got another email requesting a refund and stating that it was still not delivered and FedEx was not being helpful. I replied that I was unable to issue a refund because the tracking shows that it was delivered and signed for by someone with the same last name and also because she waited 3 days to contact us about it not being delivered.

How do you handle these situations? I know that this is a common way to scam sellers which is why I require a signature on the package. I want to make sure that I do everything I can to make sure that the customer has the snake and it isn’t slowly dying in a box somewhere.

You mentioned it has been signed for did you request a copy of the signature, obviously if it was signed the signature is available to be viewed.

I do have a copy of the signature. I sent it to the customer and she said she doesn’t recognize it.

Was the name signed her name?

I have been shipping and receiving animals for a long time and while I have had a package dropped off 1 street away and showed as delivered this package did not require a signature.

When the package is to be signed the likelihood that it wood be delivered elsewhere and that someone would sign for something that is not for them is highly unlikely IMO, it also make it a lot hard for people to still the package since it is not just dropped off.

I also do not comprehend how when you have a tracking number and know your that your package is due a certain day by a certain time (especially a live animal) that you would not say anything until 3 days later.

Sounds very fishy to me.

I just got info from FedEx about the delivery, I’m reasonably sure she is trying to scam us. The driver said that when it was delivered the person at the address said “Oh yes, this is for my daughter” and gave her first name before the driver handed the package over. The drivers description of the front porch matches what I can see on google maps too.

It’s definitely gonna be worthy to gather all your evidence and make a post on the FBI and if this person is a Morph Market user definitely contact @John about this via PM or email.

Yup, I’m putting it all together now.