What can live with white dwarfs?

I have a terrarium set up and am working on getting a colony of white dwarf isopods established. Once they are settled and thriving, I want to add something else to the tank. But google has been very contradictory about what can live with isopods.
I’m thinking something like a millipede or beetle? Looking for advice/recommendations from anyone with experience.


Someone just recommended to me in another thread that dwarf whites would do well with tarantulas. I’d imagine you could probably put whatever you want in with them. Inverts, amphibians, reptiles, etc.


I’m just concerned that I’m gonna inadvertently put something in there that is going to see the isopods as a snack and wipe out the colony


Dwarf whites are very prolific, so once they’re established, it’s very hard to kill them off. They would likely outcompete other inverts that eat the same food, so other isopods, millipedes, or beetles wouldn’t work well.


Hello @cnow1! The only bio active set up I have is in my crested gecko’s enclosure which works great because he is very rarely on the bottom of the enclosure where they are.

It took me months to get the colony of isopods established but now they are thriving. Of course I supplement them with fish flakes because I just have the 1 gecko in the enclosure. :blush:

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