What could this be?

So will get more pics once out of eggs and after shed etc. Wouldnt usually post until post shed for ID help but this is something I wasn’t expecting to see.

Pairing was Champagne, Coral Glow, Ghost x Pastel, Enchi, Cinnamon.

Rest of the clutch are Coral Glow, Pastel, Enchi and Cinnamon combos.

Nothing looking Champagne though. Except maybe this one but I was expecting it to be darker. Could it be a Champagne with Coral Glow and/or Pastel combo which is affecting its look?

This is what I would expect a Black eyed lucy to look like, it is practically all white/pink, no other markings hidden from picture.

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Your going to want to wait until it sheds to get a good identification. But I think that is a pewter champagne


I agree with @saleengrinch … Champagne needs time to shed to identify. A lot of times they don’t show the true color until 1 or even multiply sheds. Here is all the same baby. Pairing was Orange Dream Champagne Calico Enchi Het Ghost x Chocolate Butter Ghost. I know she is a Butter Champagne Probable Ghost but as for the other genes its a guess lol.

I tried to put them in a more chronological order.


The crown is what telling me it’s a pewter champagne it’s always there on the ones I’ve hatched.


Thanks guys.

I had a feeling it would have champagne in it, just wasn’t expecting it to be that white lol.

They hatch out that white lol. It always takes a while from them to color up a bit. Also if you cut the eggs early it will take a little longer to color up as well.