What did you wish you knew before you started breeding? Tips for an aspiring breeder/owner

Hi all!

I’ve been part of the reptile community for 3 years, and in that time, I’ve thrown myself into the deep end to learn. In the future, once I have some established animals and pairings, I would like to hobby breed just a few clutches a year. However, what are some things you would have liked to have known, or done, before you did. Buy nicer animals? Fancier morphs? Better incubators? Even something as simple as which species.
I currently have a male bearded dragon, but he will not be bred, as he’s a “pet shop special” and I have no idea about his genetic health, morphs etc.In the future I would love to possible breed axanthic superconda Hoggies, or piebald royals, but both those markets seem quite saturated, so any tips for a newbie?

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Shannon, at Relic Exotics

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I wish I knew how to stay focused, instead in the beginning I decided to get a bit of everything, which ultimately lead to slow progress, it was a learning curve, I restructured my collection to focuse on a handful of traits at first and than restructured again to get it down to 2 ball python projects (pieds and clowns combos) and working with 3 other species (much smaller scale projects)


Thank you so much! Thats super helpful. Theres only a couple that I would like to focus on, so hopefully I can stick with it!


I completely agree with what @stewart_reptiles said. Stay focused and stick with what you like vs going with the trends.