What direction to go with bongo clowns

These are 4 of the girls I hatched out from my last bongo clown clutch, im looking for inspiration on where to go with the project


Personally, I am a huge fan of dark genes, but albino and other recessives are also a good option if you want to add to a project.

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I agree with @lumpy dark genes are amazing in clown combos… you could also add an enhancer gene since they are so reduced pattern already… like DG

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I’m going to say something like red gene to clean up the pattern reduction.

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I am just going to say 2 words spotnose and fire :slight_smile:

Leopard and yb also works really well with bongo. Oh a lesser if you like lesser clowns. :wink:


DG is on the cards for one of them :grin:

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Well I have a firefly spotnose clown ready & waiting :grin: