What do I feed?

I recently purchased an Egyptian false cobra and he is only about 6 inches long what kind of feeders or what should I be feeding him? I just got him today?


You need to find out what it was eating from where you got it from. Hopefully it was a breeder that fed mice, if not then you might have to source lizards that are small enough if it was fed lizards. You should have found this information out before getting the snake. You could also try really small reptilinks.


I agree with what @ashleyraeanne said. To be honest and frank with you, it was your responsibility to get the info you needed before you even consider buying the snake. I would contact the breeder to find out.

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Oops I missed this new post and I was called out by @logar! :joy: So welcome to the forum @crich_2022! This is a great group and I would go as far to say a close knit group!

Just so you know we all love pictures so feel free to bombard us if you want!

Best of luck with your feeding question! :+1::sunglasses:

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He’s a cool looking little dude!

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Wow! I’m like Gina! He is a very handsome little dude! Thank you for sharing the picture! I love it! :100::+1::heart:

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