What do you do when a male won't breed?

I have this male that I have been trying to breed for the last 2 years with no luck he doesn’t even show interest in any females I put him with.

Your positive its male?

Yes its been double and triple checked

Have you tried any of the following:

  • pair during a storm

  • put another males shed in the tub at the same time

  • Spread another males hemipene castings on the female

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I have tried the first 2. I have even put another male in for a little then taking it out

maybe someone else has an idea… I haven’t run into this issue long term. unless he is locking and you’re not seeing it.

My top suggestions are the same as yours steel and as a long shot putting a 2nd male together for a short time.

Has he locked w any other females? Has a different male locked w the female you tried him with? And lastly being 100% positive on both genders.

He has never locked and others have locked with those females that he won’t

I would try this: Spread another males hemipene castings on the female.
That steelserpents mentions.
I would make sure that your male BP’s hemipenes are clean. Sometimes they get a lot of build up in there. I use to raise horses. The stud horses have to be cleaned and also the geldings when they get dirt and excess fluid build up in there. Sorry it may sound gross, but it happens. Won’t hurt to check.

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Thanks I appreciate your imput

I have had males that didn’t start breeding until they were 3 years old. Snakes don’t always do what we want them to!


This one turns 3 in July

If you are constantly checking on them disturbing them can cause issues with more shy snakes.

Exactly! I have a Calico Pastave that didn’t prove until he was 6 years old. Didn’t become reliable until last season.

I’ve heard that with some colubrid species, taking them for a 10 - 15 minute car ride can instigate breeding behavior and drive. Not sure it would work with a ball python - I’ve not tried it yet - but it wouldn’t hurt and could only help…

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I dunno if it’s been mentioned but for me and my first Lock of the year it was moving the male into the female’s space. Dunno who you are moving in with whom temporarily but change it up. Male into female or visa versa. Change of scents and scenery could do wonders. Plus the female tub/tank is gonna reek of female pheromones instead of his own stink lol

I always put male into the females

Put him in a bag and take him with you the next time you run to the store…no joke.