What do you include in your reptile shipments?

I have only shipped a handful of snakes, but I’ve always included everything listed on the ship your reptiles page (including a statement of number of snakes and what species and the ‘Live Harmless Reptile’ paper on the very top), but I also always like to include a record sheet which lists the snake’s morph, hets, hatch date, hatch weight, picture, every feed/refusal, and shed. If the buyer is new to snakes, I also include a care sheet that I wrote, which also has my contact info.

I’ve been surprised with most of my incoming shipments that most of that paperwork is not included. (Also very surprising that people are not listing the species and quantity, which I thought was very much required). I don’t need or expect a care sheet, but I do like to know the hatch date and at least when the last feeding was.

What sort of things do you include in your shipments?


I might have to get a corn from you one day!! I like the sound of the data you include with the snake.


A few reptiles have come in with records, most don’t. When they do I’m impressed by the Breeder’s professionalism. Those are the Breeders I always go back to first when I’m looking for a new animal.


Personally I’m planning on taking everything digital.

My plan is to create some form of AR business card like below but with added links to care sheets, records and a “#” that takes them to pictures of that animal on my Instagram and topics including them on here…


That is an awesome idea.

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I include an extra copy of the label, a business card, and I usually but not always include an informational card that includes birthdate, pairing, current weight, morph, last feed and last shed.


I love it when breeders include records. I keep meticulous records, so I enjoy the extra data. Makes the breeder seem like they spend more time with their animals as well. I understand big box breeders have more snakes and the same number or hours in the day as smaller breeders. But lack of attention to detail on snake I bought make me think there might be a lack of attention to customers as well.

I have received a couple shipments without paperwork or correct labeling. That worries me because this hobby is dependent on FedEx and (for the moment) UPS. If they stop shipping reptiles due to shippers not labeling live animals correctly, this hobby is back to the days of long drives, parking lot meetings, and Delta Dash real fast.


Yes, I love data and record keeping as well. I don’t ‘need’ that info from other breeders, but I do appreciate it and I agree that it shows a high level of care.

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